This site is mainly to compliment my studies of Common Guillemots. Ive been fortunate to live on Lundy since 2006. Lundy, in the Bristol Channel, is home to an increasing breeding population of Guillemots (over 3300 individuals on ledges in 2008). Thanks to the people from for putting a link on their site. I hope you don't find this site too disorganised.

Dean, B., Freeman, R., Kirk, H., Leonard, K, Phillips R.A., Perrins, C.M. & Guilford, T. (2012) "Behavioural mapping of a pelagic seabird: combining multiple sensors and a hidden Markov model reveals the distribution..." J. R. Soc. Interface

Abstract: The use of miniature data loggers is rapidly increasing our understanding of the movements and habitat preferences of pelagic seabirds. However, objectively interpreting behavioural information from the large volumes of highly detailed data collected by such devices can be challenging. We combined three biologging technologies—global positioning system (GPS), saltwater immersion and time–depth recorders—to build a detailed picture of the at-sea behaviour of the Manx shearwater (Puffinus puffinus) during the breeding season.

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Guillemots return early to Lundy 12/10/2011

The first Guillemots of the year arrived on the cliffs this morning. 29 birds were on the ledges in Jenny's Cove until at least 8.10am (BST). This is 6 days earlier than 2010 and 15 days earlier than 2008.

Ian C.T. Nisbet

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Jeremy J. Hatch

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Hatch, J.J. & Nisbet, I.C.T. (2011) "Costs of incubation in Common Terns Sterna hirundo: replication and extension of a clutch-enlargement experiment" Ibis 153(1):185–189

Abstract: Manipulation of clutch size during incubation has been used in a number of studies to investigate life-history costs of incubation. We increased or decreased clutches of Common Terns Sterna hirundo during incubation and measured subsequent chick growth and productivity. Our results provide little support for the hypothesis that costs of incubation in Common Terns are substantially affected by the number of eggs incubated.


Patrick J. Butler

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Jonathan A. Green

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Graham R. Martin

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David Boertmann

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