Classification and the librarian's problem
The classifications used in this site

I settled on this structure of my web sites after a couple of trial sites.

The first site used directories (or folders) to separate the individual pages. I soon found the some pages belonged in more than one directory. Directory names also took up space in the hyperlinks.

This sites gets around this problem by placing all the pages in one directory (mostly). The files are labelled alphabetically.

The maximum filename length is eight characters. So aaaaaaaa.htm is followed by aaaaaaab.htm.

I use MSnotepad to create and edit the files. I usually use 5 windows with Notepad and 2 windows with Netscape while editing. This allows me to cut and paste between web pages.

If a group of pages is using a very similar outline I save the layout by calling it a template file (eg. atemp.htm). This has the consequence of classifying the pages into general classes.

These classes are not limited by directory structure. A page can be the member of more than one class. Classifications can refer to each other.

So far, the classes are as follows...

Class a: homepage, general stuff to do with the site.
Template: atemp.htm
Class b: human ecology, concepts and glossary.
Template btemp.htm Class bj: Return (ticket) to Nature. Birdwatching with a bus.
Class c: MSc project, I might expand this section to include other stuff from my BSc & MSc.
Template ctemp.htm
Class d: Ilfracombe
Template dtemp.htm
Class e: originally authors, this class has been generalised to people.
Template etemp.htm
Class f: Books and articles. This class developed because I had problems making a bibliography database. "A book can be a book or an article, a book can contain articles".
Template ftemp.htm
Class g: Notes for PhD proposals, similar stuff to class b, but more conjectures.
Template gtemp.htm
Class h: What are the meanings of calcium in physiology?, Experimental hypertext description of the roles of calcium in physiology - interelated to ideas from Barthes, Foucault, Ulrich Beck, and Umberto Eco.
Template htemp.htm
Class i: What are the roles of calcium in the genotype - phenotype arguement,
Template itemp.htm
Class j: some sounds of numbers, midi files of number stream.
Template jtemp.htm
Class k: Pseudo phase spaces
Template ktemp.htm
Class l: Origami
Template ltemp.htm
Class m: Mathematics education, my current course.
Template mtemp.htm
Class n: Places
Template ntemp.htm
Class tree: Graphs and trees
Template treetemp.htm
Class , template temp.htm

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Created 1/3/00
Last modified 12/4/04