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Two parts on a ground: representations of change in Elizabethan England

Two songs in Dowland's "First Booke of Songes" (1597) particularly explore themes of uncertainty and change in the context of a lover's thoughts about his mistress. The first, "My thoughts are wing'd with hopes" is ascribed to George, Earl of Cumberland (before 1597). The second, "Dear if you change" (before 1597), is unascribed in my CD notes and may have been written by Dowland or may be another's work, set to music by Dowland. This practice was common at the time Crawford (1993, notes to Dowland (1597))

It would be interesting to look at how the themes of uncertainty in the works related to wider cultural issues in Elizabethan England. Some areas to look at might include:

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Created 3/10/98
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