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Where to see Whimbrels in North Devon

I've only seen Whimbrel twice. The first was 13 May 2003 in the Caen Pill, Braunton. I'd just been down to Sherpa Marsh (in the hope of seeing Sedge Warblers or Reed Buntings) and I walking back up the pill. It was low tide and the Whimbrel was feeding on the mud banks on the near side of the stream. By the time I'd noticed it, I was quite close and as I hadn't got my camera ready I couldn't get a photo. I got some good views through my binoculars and managed to carry on walking without disturbing it.

The second time I saw Whimbrel was on Lundy.

Pictures .jpg

  • whimbr1s.jpg (200x150) Millcombe, Lundy 4/5/04
  • whimbr2s.jpg (200x150) Millcombe, Lundy 4/5/04
  • whimbr3s.jpg (200x150) Millcombe, Lundy 4/5/04
  • whimbr4m.jpg (200x150) Millcombe, Lundy 4/5/04
  • whimbr5s.jpg (200x150) Millcombe, Lundy 4/5/04
  • whimbr6s.jpg (200x150) Millcombe, Lundy 4/5/04
  • whimbr7b.jpg (600x450) Jenny's Cove, Lundy 2/5/12
  • whimbr9m.jpg (400x300) High Street Field, Lundy 30/4/13
  • whimb10m.jpg (400x300) High Street Field, Lundy 30/4/13
  • whimbr8m.jpg (400x300) Tent Field, Lundy 28/4/14

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