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Exeter Peregrines - 2005
26/3/05 7:14pm
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Exeter Peregrines

These Peregrines have been nesting on the spire of St Michael's Church, Exeter for about ten years now. The webcam was installed by Here's a pictorial diary of the 2005 nest. All the pictures on this page were from the eco-watch webcam unless otherwise stated.

Click here to see pictures of the 2006 nest.

Live webcam of Peregrines nesting at St Michael's Church, Exeter
Click on the photo for the latest images.

Framegrabs .jpg

Saturday 26th March

  • p260305a.jpg (352x288) 26/3/05 7:14pm. The first egg was laid on Good Friday, 25 March 05. I wasn't sure if it was an egg at first. I assumed it would be incubated all the time.
  • p260305b.jpg (352x288) 26/3/05 7:18pm. I seem to remember that some birds will lay eggs over a few days and the start incubating them all at the same time so they hatch together. Is this what happens with Peregrines?
Sunday 27th March
  • p270305a.jpg (352x288) 27/3/05 7:04pm. Ok, it must be an egg. But how many have been laid now?
Monday 28th March

  • p280305a.jpg (352x288) 28/3/05 2:18am. Hurrah, two eggs. But don't they get cold at night?
  • p280305b.jpg (352x288) 28/3/05 10:13am. That's better.
  • p280305c.jpg (352x288) 28/3/05 10:23am. Still two eggs.
  • p280305d.jpg (352x288) 28/3/05 6.30pm. Is it just the camera, or is this bird smaller? Do male Peregrines (tiercels) incubate the eggs?
Tuesday 29th March
  • p290305a.jpg (352x288) 29/3/05 12:35pm. Wings don't make very good umbrellas.
Saturday 2nd April
  • p020405a.jpg (352x288) 2/4/05 2:08pm. I think this is the tiercel.
  • p020405b.jpg (352x288) 2/4/05 2:38pm. Hurrah, three eggs. I'm not sure when it was laid. The eggs seem to be moved when there's been another one laid. Something to look out for.
  • p020405c.jpg (352x288) 2/4/05 2:39pm. Back at the nest. Is this bird larger? Have I just seen the change-over of incubation duties? I was hoping that they would occasionally be at the nest at the same time so I could get a framegrab of the pair of them. It looks like they might signal each other before a change-over. I'll have to go down to Exeter sometime.
  • p020405d.jpg (352x288) 2/4/05 2:41pm. Is this the falcon?
  • p020405e.jpg (352x288) 2/4/05 2:45pm. It must be difficult for the fastest bird in the world to sit on a nest for a month.
Monday 4th April Friday 8th April Still three eggs.

Wednesday 27th April

  • p270405a.jpg (352x288) 27/4/05 4:45pm. Signs of different movements from the incubating birds - is this almost hatching? Hatching is meant to take place after 28-32 days of incubation, so if they started incubating on the 28th March, the first two eggs should hatch any day now.
Thursday 28th April
  • p280405a.jpg (352x288) 28/4/05 6:29pm. I still can't see if there has been a hatching.
  • p280405b.jpg (352x288) 28/4/05 8:00pm. You could almost picture this as feeding. But then again, how are hatchlings feed? Fresh meat? Or regurgitated meat? If it is fresh meat there would probably be a carcass at the nest.
May Bank Holiday weekend 30/4/05 - 2/5/05. The chicks hatched. I was on holiday and away from my internet connection (sulk).

Sunday 8th May

Monday 9th May
  • p090505f.jpg (352x288) 9/5/05 6:19pm. The new camera has got a zoom.
Tuesday 10th May Friday 13th May Sunday 15th May Saturday was a day of heavy rain in Exeter. There now only appear to be two chicks. Monday 23rd May These two images were sent to me by James Stark of Exeter. If anyone else has any favourite pictures, feel free to e-mail them to me:
  • js_23-05_1843.jpg (357x290) 25/5/05 6:43pm 'The chicks gaze on intently as the parent prepares its prey'
Wednesday 25th May
Sunday 29th May
James Stark has sent in some more images:
The chicks have been moving around the steeple. I didn't see them for a couple of days. Here are a few images:

Sunday 5th June

Monday 6th June

Tuesday 7th June Wednesday 8th June


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