Seabird Abstracts

Lundy, Isle of Puffins

Richard Perry (1940) Lindsay Drummond, London

with 37 photographs by Alan Richardson

Jacket blurb
In 1939 Mr. Perry spent five months on Lundy Island where he found unrivalled opportunities for studying the behaviour of seabirds and in particular the Razorbill, Guillemot, Kittiwake and Puffin. Day after day he watched the birds arrive, mate, make their nests and lay their eggs. He saw the chicks hatch and then feeding from the older birds, and he witnessed the marvel of their first flight. As a result of intense observation and note-taking, he has been able to record the complete story of these bird's breeding activity, in unbroken sequence.

Mr. Perry's method of dealing with each of the four birds separately has many advantages. It avoids confusion, it emphasizes the different collective and individual habits of each bird and it enables the author to tell the enthralling life saga of these bird communities without interruption. As one passes from phase to phase of this cycle, the birds begin to exercise an extraordinary and powerful fascination, and one becomes intensely concerned with the fate of their young.

These four studies form the large part of the book. But in addition, Mr. Perry studied with great care the breeding habit of cormorants and shags and the movements of the thousands of migratory birds which visited the island. There is also a long introductory chapter in which the author describes with great charm the island and its life.

ISLE OF PUFFINS is illustrated by some of the finest bird photographs ever published. 12s. 6d.


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