Seabird Abstracts

The Birds of Lundy

Davis T & Jones T (2007) Harpers Mill, Berrynarbor

Publisher's Blurb
"This new book documents the birds of Lundy from the earliest fragments of historical information, through the first more detailed accounts of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, to the formation of the Lundy Field Society in 1946 and the instigation of regular ornithological recording that continues to this day.

Published jointly by Devon Bird Watching and Preservation Society and Lundy Field Society, the book will contain some 300 pages. In addition to a colour map of the island and 20 colour photographs of Lundy’s principal bird habitats and landscapes, the Systematic List will feature almost 100 line drawings by Devon wildlife artist, Mike Langman. Former Lundy warden and internationally renowned ornithologist Hugh Boyd has contributed the Foreword."


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