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Feeding Ecology of Common Guillemot Chicks on Lundy

Birkhead TR, Goodburn SF & Hatchwell BJ (1986) Ann Rep Lundy Field Society 36:25-26

Following a long period of decline, several guillemot Uria aalge populations in the south Irish Sea have recently shown an upward trend in numbers. At present the reason for this change in fortunes is not known, but one possibility is that a change in the marine environment has made food more available to guillemots. As part of an attempt to examine this, we have compared several aspects of the guillemot's feeding ecology at three Irish Sea colonies during the chick rearing period. Information has been collected from Skomer Island, Dyfed, Great Saltee, Co. Wexford and from Lundy. Here we present the results from Lundy made between 17th-28th June 1985 about 100m south of St Mark's Stone on the west coast of the island. All observations were made between 1400-1800h BST.

Annual Report of the Lundy Field Society 1985 36


  • Hatchwell, B.J., Birkhead, T.R., Goodburn, S.F., Perrins, J.M. & Jones, S.E. (1992) "Chick diets and food intake of nestling Common Guillemots Uria aalge: an inter-colony comparison" Seabird 14:15-20

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