Return to the Isle of Puffins
The Birds of Lundy Island from 1922 to 1931, with special reference to numerical fluctuations
Harrisson, T.H. (1932) British Birds 25:212-219

In early June, 1930, V, C. Wynne-Edwards, J, H. Comyns and the writer visited Lundy, an island of rather over a thousand acres, lying twelve miles out in the Bristol Channel. Our primary objective was to take a bird census of the whole island, but we were able to make a number of other and more general observations. The present notes are based on these, supplemented by unpublished material kindly supplied by others who have visited the island during the last ten years.


  • Wynne-Edwards, V.C. & Harrisson, T.H. (1932) "A bird census on Lundy Island (1930)" Journal of Ecology 20:371-379

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