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Island Studies: The Birds of Lundy

Taylor AM (1997) in Irving et al. (1997) "Island Studies" Lundy Field Society, 95-105

... Late June, again sunny, but with a westerly breeze. Seen from the long slope next to the Devil's Chimney, Jenny's Cove is alive with birds. Serpentine lines of guillemots and razorbills litter the sea surface. Other busier, noisier guillemots jostle on their cliff ledges, with continual confrontations between experienced breeders guarding chicks and immature birds prospecting in preparation for next year. More circle over the water, sometimes rising to inspect an area of cliff more closely or to land there. A loud call from a breeding guillemot heralds its mate's arrival a few seconds later with a fish for their chick (how on earth can the pair recognise each other individually, in flight at fifty meters, among so many?). Much smaller numbers of puffins and shags, together with herring, lesser black-backed and great black-backed gulls, fulmars and the screeching kittiwakes in Deep Zawn, complete the picture...


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  • Taylor AM (1997) "The birds of Lundy" in Irving et al. (1997) "Island Studies" Lundy Field Society

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