Seabird Abstracts

Offshore distributional patterns, feeding habits, and adult-chick interactions of

the Common Murre in Oregon

Scott JM (1990) Stud Avian Biol 14:103-108

From 1969 to 1973 I observed 1554 Common Murre (Uria aalge) chicks at sea during 365 nautical miles (NM) of surveys near Newport, Oregon. Chicks were most abundant within 1.75 NM of a colony but were also observed farther offshore than were unaccompanied adults. Single chicks were unaccompanied by an adult 87 times (10.7%), accompanied by one adult 704 times (86%) and accompanied by two adults 19 times (2.3%). This pattern persisted throughout each breeding season. Seventeen of 18 adults accompanying chicks at sea were males. I determined dive durations of adults (maximum 153 set), which fed chicks 80.3% (N = 66) of the times they surfaced with prey.


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