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Extra-pair paternity in the Common Murre
Birkhead, T.R., Hatchwell, B.J., Lindner, R., Blomqvist, D., Pellatt, E.J., Griffith, R. & Lifjeld, J.T. (2001) Condor 103:158-162
Multi-locus DNA fingerprinting was used to estimate the frequency of extra-pair paternity in the Common Murre (Uria aalge), a colonial, sexually monomorphic seabird that breeds at very high densities and in which extra-pair copulation is frequent. Common Murres produce a single chick. We detected 6 cases of extra-pair paternity in 77 families (7.8%). This value was higher than the proportion of successful extra-pair copulations (1.6%) estimated from behavioral data from an earlier study of the same population.

Keywords: Common Guillemot, Common Murre, extra-pair paternity, sperm competition, Uria aalge[0158:EPPITC]2.0.CO;2


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