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Diet of guillemots Uria aalge in the central Baltic Sea
Lyngs, P., & Durinck, J. (1998) Dansk Orn. Foren. Tidsskr. 92:197-200
The food choice of the Baltic Guillemot (Uria aalge) is poorly known. Chick diet has been studied at Stora Karlso off Gotland (Hedgren 1976), but information on the diet of full-grown Guillemots has been lacking. This paper presents the first description of the food of Guillemots from the offshore parts of the Baltic Sea. Baltic Guillemots are largely sedentary (Stolt et al. 1991, Lyngs & Kampp 1996), and since our sampling stations were within the main wintering area (Durinck et al. 1994), the results presented here are likely to be valid for the food choice of Guillemots in the central Baltic Sea.



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