Return to the Isle of Puffins
The foraging and migration of Manx Shearwaters on Lundy
Freeman, R., Flack, A., Taylor, C., Dean, B., Kirk, H., Fayet, A., Perrins, C. & Guilford, T. (2012)
Annual Report of the Lundy Field Society 2011 61:104-108

... we report on the successful tracking of foraging and migratory movements of individual Manx Shearwaters breeding on Lundy. We have previously reported on the similarity of migratory routes of shearwaters breeding on the island to those on Skomer Island (Dean et. al. 2011). In this paper, we report on a second year of migratory tracking and a third year of tracking during summer foraging.


  • Dean, B., Freeman, R., Fayet, A., Kirk, H., Perrins, C., Maurice, L. & Guilford, T. (2011) "Geolocation reveals the migratory movements of Manx Shearwaters breeding on Lundy Island" Devon Birds 64(2):15-24

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