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Birds on Lundy 2012
Davis, T. & Jones, T. (2013) Annual Report of the Lundy Field Society 2012 62:19-61
Lundy's breeding Manx Shearwaters continued to be the subject of intensive studies and all indications are that the colony has continued to grow rapidly - a full survey is due in 2013, with the results eagerly awaited by all those who have worked so hard on the Seabird Recovery Project and subsequent monitoring. Also apparently doing well are Puffins, with a count of 171 in May being the highest since at least 1980 and by far the highest since the eradication of rats in 2004. Storm Petrels with well-developed brood patches were trapped at night in May, but conclusive proof that this tiny and mysterious seabird breeds on the island seems as elusive as the birds themselves. Rarities recorded during 2012 included Balearic Shearwaters, which are now annual in late autumn, an Iceland Gull in February, a Glaucous Gull in April, the island's third Pomarine Skua and - perhaps one of the most remarkable occurrences of recent years two Black Guillemots (or 'Tysties') in the vicinity of the Landing Bay in late May and early June, constituting a 'first' for Lundy.

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[PDF 439K] Annual Report of the Lundy Field Society 2012 62


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