Return to the Isle of Puffins
Birds on Lundy 2010
Davis, T. & Jones, T. (2011) Annual Report of the Lundy Field Society 2010 60:18-46
Without doubt the rare-bird occurrence of the year was the finding of a Macaronesian Shearwater (formerly Little Shearwater) in early June during a survey of potential Storm Petrel breeding sites by Helen Booker and Chris Townend. The record, including a sound-recording of its calls, currently resides with the British Birds Rarities Committee which is carrying out a review of all Little Shearwater records in the light of recently published identification papers.

The Manx Shearwater population continues to flourish, with nest burrows found at the North and South Ends as well as new sites along the West Side. Researchers from Oxford University's Department of Zoology returned for a second year to recover tracking devices placed on birds in 2009 and to place new trackers on further birds - a report on their findings appears on page 76. 2010 was a record year for sightings of Balearic Shearwaters off Lundy, involving at least 13 birds on six days in early October. It was during this period that Lundy's first Pomarine Skua was see briefly off North End. Both Great and Arctic Skuas also put in appearances at this time, making it one of the best weeks of seawatching ever experienced on Lundy, further enhanced by sightings of Sandwich and Common or Arctic Terns.

The first Puffins of the year - three on the water off Jenny's Cove - were seen on 23 March and birds were observed entering burrows before the end of the month. The encouraging signs of a recovery, albeit small, in Puffin numbers continued in 2010, with confirmed breeding in Jenny's Cove and up to 74 different birds counted in June, many of which are likely to have been immatures prospecting for future nest sites (see page 75).

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