Return to the Isle of Puffins
Birds on Lundy 2009
Davis, T. & Jones, T. (2010) Annual Report of the Lundy Field Society 2009 59:18-53
Four Cormorants sitting on Gannets' Rock in early February, some in the early stages of breeding plumage, prompted thoughts that the species might return to breed there, but none stayed into the spring. A single Cormorant, seen on six days in the second winter-period, may have overwintered. Oystercatchers peaked at 14 on 27 December.

Counts of 1,000-1,500 Kittiwakes were recorded in the early part of the year, in particular during a cold spell with strong easterlies in early February; and 1,000 were present off North End and the East Side on Christmas Day. Grant Sherman's longstanding interest in Guillemots yielded high counts of birds back on their breeding ledges in February (1,288) and December (1,115).

Spring migration
For the second year running, the colour-ringed Guillemot from the Swedish island of Stora Karlsö in the Baltic was present in the breeding colony at St Philip's Stone. This year it revealed itself as a male when seen mating on 26 April.

The initial fieldwork in what is hoped will be a longer-running project to track the movements of feeding and migrating Manx Shearwaters took place over 12 nights in August: GPS tracking devices were fitted to 15 birds to trace their movements during feeding trips, with geolocators placed on another 19 individuals to track their migration to and from wintering areas off South America (see the report on p. nn). (Further fieldwork in 2010 is being supported by funds from The Birds of Lundy book.) From ringing work carried out in September, it would appear that shearwater numbers are increasing at a considerable rate, with young birds found in eight colonies between Puffin Slope westwards around to Benjamin's Chair.

Storm Petrels continue to elude efforts to prove that they are breeding on the island, none of the nearly 30 birds caught showing signs of a brood patch; more work to try and establish whether the species does breed on Lundy is planned for 2010.

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