Return to the Isle of Puffins
2011 - Bird Ringing in 2012 - 2013
Taylor, A.M. (2013) Annual Report of the Lundy Field Society 2012 62:62-64
The increase in Manx Shearwaters continued, with 252 chicks and 53 adults ringed. Two Storm Petrels were also caught in late spring. There were hints that they might be breeders, as both had brood-patches and one was recaptured four nights after ringing. So there is hope that, like the shearwaters, they are benefiting from the eradication of rats. However, as well as breeding in burrows and only visiting them at night, Storm Petrels pose the additional challenge that they are much smaller than shearwaters, making them even harder to study.

Recoveries and recaptures for 2012 include a Lesser Black-backed Gull seen in south-east Ireland in winter. This contrasts with all previous records of Lundy birds, which have been in south-west France, Iberia and beyond.

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[PDF 46K] Annual Report of the Lundy Field Society 2012 62


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