Return to the Isle of Puffins
Diving depths of four Alcids
Piatt, J.F., & Nettleship, D.N. (1985) The Auk 102(2):293-297
Incidental catches of 12,243 Common Murres (Uria aalge), 875 Atlantic Puffins (Fratercula arctica), 36 Black Guillemots (Cepphus grylle), and 9 Razorbills (Alca torda) were recorded off Newfoundland during the summers of 1980-1982 (26,445 net-days of fishing effort). Most catch occurred in stationary gill nets set on the sea floor at depths of up to 180m and revealed that murres, Razorbills, puffins, and guillemots can dive to depths of at least 180, 120, 60, and 50 m, respectively. Diving ability appeared to be directly correlated with body size.


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