Dr Peter Miller is a Senior Earth Observation Scientist at PML. He leads a team of Earth Observation scientists, developing and applying innovations in automated analysis of sea-surface biological and physical processes using satellite data.

Peter's research foci are linkages between ocean fronts and megafauna, and discriminating algal blooms; and he applies these towards marine conservation policy and the fish-farming industry.

He leads PML’s involvement in EC MEDINA, NERC FASTNEt and EC AQUA-USERS. He also leads technical development for the NERC Earth Observation Data Acquisition and Analysis Service (NEODAAS) Plymouth. He has written 50 peer reviewed research papers.

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Books & Articles
  • Miller, P.I. & Christodoulou, S. (2014) "Frequent locations of ocean fronts as an indicator of pelagic diversity: application to marine protected areas and renewables" Marine Policy 45:318-329
  • Scales, K.L., Miller, P.I., Embling, C.B., Ingram, S.N., Pirotta, E. & Votier, S.C. (2014) "Mesoscale fronts as foraging habitats: composite front mapping reveals oceanographic drivers of habitat use for a pelagic seabird" J. R. Soc. Interface 11:20140679

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