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Bird Island, Algoa Bay
Breeding Species
  • Thiebault, A., Mullers, R., Pistorius, P., Meza-Torres, M.A., Dubroca, L., Green, D. & Tremblay, Y. "From colony to first patch: Processes of prey searching and social information in Cape Gannets" Auk 131:595-609

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  • Wikipedia - Bird Island, Algoa Bay Bird Island is one of only six breeding sites in the world for the Cape gannet (Morus capensis). “Larus dominicanus (the Kelp Gull) and Haematopus moquini (the African Oystercatcher) are found throughout the Algoa Bay complex. The island group is also known to hold large numbers of Sterna vittata (Antarctic Tern), which in winter roost on the island in their thousands (regularly holding between 10% and 20% of the estimated total Afrotropical non-breeding population).” The island is also home to Cape fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus).