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Lesser Sandeel (Ammodytes tobianus)
Species - Fish - Ammodytidae
  • Sandeel (Ammodytidae)
  • Breeds February to April and September to November.

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    • Skomer
    • Lundy (51°11'N, 4°40'W), England
    • Bristol Channel
    • Celtic Sea
    • Wikipedia - Lesser sand eel Breeding, can vary to which race they are native, and usually happens from February to April, or from September through into November. Adult forms become mature in 1 to 2 years (8 cm+), and will live 7 years or more. It habitates from mid-tide level below to around 30m in inshore waters, that have clean and sandy bottoms. It is commonly found swimming in huge shoals that rapidly burrows in sand if alarmed. It is nocturnal, spending the day buried in the sand and emerging at dusk to feed.
    • Fishbase: Ammodytes tobianus Northeast Atlantic: Murmansk to Spain, including Iceland and the Baltic and the Mediterranean. Two distinct but often sympatric spawning groups exist in the area but have not been given subspecies status although spawning groups differ in mean vertebral number (autumn higher than spring), otolith structure, and probably habitats.
    • Google Scholar: Ammodytes tobianus