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Individual Guillemots on Lundy

Guillemot: St Philip's Stone 2015 site I adult with metal leg ring

05/04/15: Guillemot Im returns for another season

24/06/15: Ring seen with video camera and 1300mm lens

30/06/15: Ring read with video camera and 1300mm lens

Ringing Scheme: London Ring Number: R12441 Species of bird: Guillemot (Uria aalge) 

This bird was ringed by Great Saltee Ringing Station as age nestling, 
sex unknown on 19-Jun-2000 time unknown at Great Saltee Island, Wexford, Ireland 

OS Map reference IX9597 accuracy 0, co-ordinates 52deg 7min N 6deg 37min W accuracy 0. 

It was found on 24-Jun-2015 time unknown at Lundy, Devon, UK 

OS Map reference SS1346 accuracy 0, co-ordinates 51deg 11min N 4deg 40min W accuracy 0. 

Finding condition: Sight record by non-ringer 

Finding circumstances: Field Record 

Extra Information: - 

It was found 5483 days after it was ringed, 170 km from the ringing site, direction SE. 

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Screen Grabs: 05/04/15

Guillemot Im returns for another season (video grab)

Guillemot Im ring seen (video grab)

Guillemot Im ring read (video grab)
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