19th June 2013, More Guillemot chicks hatched

More Guillemot chicks have hatched, making at least 6 chicks on my provisioning ledge this morning. I saw 5 feeds and I saw a couple of the chicks for the first time.

You just get a glimpse of this chick highlighted with the circle. This chick is at least 4 days old. It was this chick that got the first observed feed of the 2013 season on the 16th June. As we don't have a colour-ringing scheme on Lundy, I identify the Guillemots by their relative positions on the ledge. The pair at this location, Site E, has successfully raised chicks every year since 2010.

These are the positions of the Guillemots in 2008. So far in 2013 I've identified chicks at sites D, E, H, I, N and Q (and apart from chick H, all of these chicks received fish this morning). A, F and M have either not laid eggs this year or have lost them. B, C, G, O, P, R, and S are either still sitting on eggs or are doing a very good job of hiding their chicks. More updates soon, it looks like there is rain on the way, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to film again.

  • G130619A 06h27m47s - 07h30m20s: 3 feeds
  • G130619B 07h31m17s - 08h33m43s: 2 feeds
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?  ?  ?? ?? ?? ?? ?  ?? ?? ??  Ring? (N=no, ?=no info, R=yes)

X  ?  ?  1F 1F ?  e  C  1F X  1F ?  ?  1F nf ns  Egg?/Chick?/Feeds? 

(X=no, E=egg, co=incubation change over, e=possible glimpse of egg
1F=one feed, 2F=two feeds, etc., nf=arrived with no fish. h=hatched?
C=chick, ns= arrival not seen.)

06h42m09s E2 fly in, fish (+14m22s)
07h02m20s N2 fly in, fish (29m29s)
07h15m34s Q2 fly in, fish (+47m47s)
08h01m54s I2 fly in, sm-md sandeel? (+94m07s)
08h03m55s D2 fly in, sm clupeid? (+96m08s)

D, E, H, I, N and Q


Probable eggs:
B, C, G, O, P, R, and S

No Eggs:
A, F?, M

Parental Attendance:
GU:STPH2013Dc   0m00s   27m22s
"Eleanor"      41m47s    0m00s
"Harman"        0m00s    0m00s
"Irwin"         0m00s   29m23s
"Neville"      30m31s   60m00s
"Qawser"       12m13s    1m02s

GU:STPH2013Zx (-56m00s)(-60m00s)
GU:STPH2013Ax (60m00s) (60m00s)
GU:STPH2013Be ( 6m30s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2013Ce (33m49s) ( 0m00s) 
GU:STPH2013Fe (60m00s) (60m00s)
GU:STPH2013Ge ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2013Mx (60m00s) (60m00s)
GU:STPH2013Oe (60m00s) (29m34s)
GU:STPH2013Pe ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2013Re ( 6m57s) (60m00s)
GU:STPH2013Se ( 0m00s) (51m13s)
GU:STPH2013Tx ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2013Ux ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2013Wx (-20m00s)( 0m00s)

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Screen Grabs

06h42 E2 fly in, fish (+15m)

07h02 N2 fly in, fish (30m)

07h15 Q2 fly in, fish (+48m)

08h01 I2 fly in, fish (+94m)

08h03 D2 fly in, fish (+96m)