16th June 2014

  • First 3 chicks of the 2014 season seen on the St Philip's Stone survey ledge.
  • First two feeds seen of 2014 on the St Philip's ledge
  • 95 (minus one) Puffins seen on the land at St Philip's Stone and Jenny's Cove
  • Great Black-back Gull seen eating a Puffin at St Philip's Stone. Another Great Black-back seen eating an auk chick (probably a Razorbill chick)
  • Yellow-orange footed Razorbill again present at F5. Probably male.
  • A colour-ringed Guillemot seen at F4. Yellow ring on left leg, black writing, probably curved numerals, underlined. Possibly "058" seen in 2012.
  • Hooded Crow in Brick field

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S
?  ?  ?? ?? ?? ?? ?     ?R ?  ?? ?? ?? ?  ?? ?  Ring? (N=no, ?=no info, R=yes)
e  ?  ?  ?  E  C  E     E  ?  e  ?  ?  C  C  e  Chick/Egg? 
(X=no, E=Egg, C=Chick, co=incubation change over, e=possible glimpse of egg)


06h09m58s F2 seen with sm fish
06h35m23s T1 fly in, display sprat
07h09m00s F1 fly in, fish (16m03s)

08h07 R2 fly in, large fish (+117m42s)


Probable eggs:

No Eggs:

Insufficient information:

Parental Attendance:
"Feldspar"     43m57s   60m00s
"Quartz"        6m24s    0m00s
"Regolith"      8m32s    2m18s

GU:STPH2014Ae ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Be ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Ce (38m09s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014De ( 0m08s) (60m00s)
GU:STPH2014Ee (46m42s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Ge ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Ie (47m40s) ( 1m46s)
GU:STPH2014Me ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Ne (39m40s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Oe (42m25s) (10m22s)
GU:STPH2014Pe ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Se (60m00s) (60m00s)


St Philip's Stone

06h38 Puffins: 7 on land F5, 16 on land F4, 7 on land F3 = 30
06h54 Puffins: 10 on land F5, 6 on land F4, 5 on land F3 = 21
07h16 Puffins: 9 on land F5, 16 on land F4, none on land F3 = 25
~7h20 Great Black-back eating puffin F4
-7h34 Puffins: 11 on land F5, 8 on land F4, 3 on land F3 = 22
08h12 Great Black-back swallowed Puffin (eventually)
Jenny's Cove

08h43 Puffins 1-38-15-0-11 = 65 on land
08h47         0-36-10-2-8  = 56 on land

Other birds

-7h25 Sunlight on sea revealed kittiwakes feeding ~200m past St Philip's Stone, 
        flying and plunging (LW+4h25)
07h36 Yellow-footed Razorbill is male
07h41 another Great Black-Back gull with auk chick prob Razorbill or Guillemot
07h44 Guillemot with yellow leg-ring, black writing on left leg and metal ring
    on right leg. Roundness to numerals and possible underline.


01:59GMT 0.83m
08:06GMT 7.67m

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Screen Grabs

07h09m00s F1 fly in, fish (16m03s)

08h07 R2 fly in, large fish (+117m42s)

Great Black-back eating Puffin

Great Black-back eating auk chick

Yellow-ringed Guillemot

Hooded Crow, Brick Field