2nd July 2014

  • 11 chicks (A,B,C,D,F,I,M,N,Q,R,S)
  • 5 feeds (Ax2,I,M,S)
  • 39 Puffins seen on the land at St Philip's Stone, including one with a metal ring on its right leg.
  • 105 Puffins seen on the land at Jenny's Cove.
  • Great Black-back and Herring Gull activity around St Philip's Stone, but no predation observed.
  • Yellow-orange footed Razorbill again present at F5.
  • G140702A 05h49m24s - 06h51m54s: 3 feeds
  • G140702B 06h52m27s - 07h54m59s: 2 feeds

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S
?? ?  ?? ?? ?? ?? ??    NR ?  ?? ?  ?? ?  ?  ?? Ring? (N=no, ?=no info, R=yes)
C  C  C  C  E  C  E     C  C  C  x  E  C  C  C  Chick/Egg? 
(X=no, E=Egg, C=Chick, co=incubation change over, e=possible glimpse of egg)




No Eggs:

Parental Attendance: Average = 14.74%

"Aplite"       17m15s    2m18s
"Basalt"        0m00s    0m00s
"Copper"        4m49s    0m00s
"Dolerite"     60m00s   28m56s
"Feldspar"      7m38s    0m00s
"Igneous"      10m54s    0m00s
"Mica"          0m00s    1m29s
"Neolithic"    21m31s    0m00s
"Quartz"        0m00s    0m00s
"Regolith"     21m44s    0m00s
"Struvite"     18m01s    0m00s

GU:STPH2014Ee ( 0m00s) ( 0m38s)
GU:STPH2014Ge ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Oe ( 0m00s) ( 0m00s)
GU:STPH2014Pe (44m52s) (60m00s)

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Screen Grabs

05h57m29s F2 fly in, no fish (open bill)

06h04m25s S2 fly in, fish (+15m01s)

06h05 N chick "Neolithic" seen

06h23m34s I2 fly in, fish (+34m10s)

06h28m14s A2 fly in, fish (+38m50s)

07h07m02s M2 fly in, fish (~77m)

07h21m53s A fly in, fish (~36m)