3rd July 2014

  • 12 chicks (A,B,C,D,E,F,I,M,N,Q,R,S) One new chick "Erratic", hatched since yesterday. A fight between two adults (M2 and N1) resulted in N1 falling off the ledge. "Neolithic" was left unattended for 4m34s until N1 returned. "Struvite" moved around its area of the ledge. The R2 stood on "Struvite" leading to a fight between R2 and S1
  • 7 feeds (C,E,F,I,N,Q,S)
  • 32 Puffins seen on the land at St Philip's Stone.
  • Great Black-back and Herring Gull activity around St Philip's Stone, but no predation observed.
  • Yellow-orange footed Razorbill again present at F5.
  • G140703A 05h57m49s - 07h00m19s: 3 feeds
  • G140703B 07h00m53s - 08h03m26s: 4 feeds

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S
?? ?  ?? ?? ?? ?? ??    NR ?  ?? ?  ?? ?  ?  ?? Ring? (N=no, ?=no info, R=yes)
C  C  C  C  C  C  E     C  C  C  x  co C  C  C  Chick/Egg? 
(X=no, E=Egg, C=Chick, co=incubation change over, e=possible glimpse of egg)




No Eggs:

Insufficient Data:


Parental Attendance: Average = 26.75%

"Aplite"        0m00s    0m00s
"Basalt"       34m45s    0m00s
"Copper"        0m00s   21m28s
"Dolerite"      0m00s    0m00s
"Erratic"       7m45s    0m00s
"Feldspar"      0m00s   18m23s
"Igneous"       3m57s   40m24s
"Mica"         59m06s    0m00s
"Neolithic"    12m49s   56m51s
"Quartz"        7m33s    0m00s
"Regolith"     60m00s   34m56s
"Struvite"     27m12s    0m00s

GU:STPH2014Ge (60m00s) (55m15s)
GU:STPH2014Oe (-25m57) (60m00s)
GU:STPH2014Pe (27m13s) ( 0m00s)

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Screen Grabs

06h01m40s I2 (metal ring)

06h17m10s E1 fly in, fish (15m59s)

06h22m49s N1 fall out, Nc alone

06h24m15s S2 fly in, fish (+26m26s)

06h27m23s N1 fly in, no fish (preen, 4m34s)

06h50m17s Q2 fly in, fish (+52m27s)

07h04m02s N2 fly in, fish (4m34s)

07h17 G1 "feeding the egg"

07h20m29s I2 fly in, fish (78m43s)

07h35 Rc seen

07h39m25s C2 fly in fish (+101m36s)

07h42m30s F2 fly in, fish (+104m41s)