20th June 2013

  • G130620A 06h28m48s - 07h31m21s: 2 feeds.
  • G130620B 07h32m00s - 08h34m26s: 2 feeds.

06h35m43s N2 fly in, fish (+6m55s)
06h48m24s H2 fly in, fish (17m07)

08h22m23s H2 fly in, fish (17m11s)
08h30m10s D2 fly in, fish (+121m22s)

Parental Attendance:
GU:STPH2013Dc 00:00:00 00:01:50
"Eleanor"     00:00:00 00:00:00
"Harman"      00:42:53 00:42:49
"Irwin"       00:00:00 00:00:00
"Neville"     00:21:38 00:00:00
"Qawser"      00:02:33 00:00:00


21/6/13 - Foggy today but 4 feeds yesterday morning.

I arrived at St Philip's Stone this morning and I couldn't see the sea. It has given me a chance to catch up with yesterday's filming.

I saw 4 feeds yesterday; chicks D and N were both fed once, and chick H had two feeds.

I didn't see any new chicks, but guillemot B was sitting with "drooped-wings" this is sometimes a sign that a chick is present.

The weather forecast says that there are NW gale force winds on the way - it looks like Monday morning before I get to film again. I hope that all is well with the chicks over the weekend.

23/6/13 - Guillemot pair F do have an egg

The strong winds have kept me away from the ledges, but it has meant that I've been able to review my previous footage. I found this on the the tape from the 14th June:

That little blue shape in the centre of the image? That's a egg that I hadn't noticed. I'd seen this pair without an egg on the 4th June, but I'd assumed that it was too late in the season for them to lay another egg.

Common Guillemots can lay a second egg if the first is lost, and occasionally a third egg if the second is also lost. Replacement eggs are usually laid ~15 days after the lost of the previous egg and are around 6% lighter than first eggs.

It will be a race against time for this pair. By the time their egg hatches sometime between 10th and 14th July, most of the other chicks will have gone to sea. This will mean less birds on the ledge and more opportunities for predators.

The winds are lighter tomorrow morning - and for the next few days. I'll let you know how the chicks are doing.

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