24th June 2013, Guillemot pair D have lost their chick.

My first visit to the ledge since Thursday resulted in one loss and one gain. The loss was Chick D. I'd seen this chick fed twice last week. Today its parents were bringing fish to an empty ledge. 2011 was the only year that I've seen this pair raise a chick to "fledging".

The gain was chick B. Today was the first day that I'd seen the second parent returning to the ledge, so it was difficult to tell whether they had a chick or an egg. Their fish disappeared quickly, confirming the presence of a chick.

In total there were 8 feeds this morning. Chicks E, I, & H all received two feeds. Chick Q had a single feed.

Chick N was also seen, or at least I saw its beak poking out from under its parent's wing. More news tomorrow.

  • G130624A 62m transcribed from video. 4 feeds.
  • G130624B 62m transcribed from video. 8 chicks, 5? eggs, 5 feeds.
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S

(X=no, E=egg, co=incubation change over, e=possible glimpse of egg
1F=one feed, 2F=two feeds, etc., nf=arrived with no fish. h=hatched?
C=chick, ns= arrival not seen.)

06h49m44s I2 fly in, fish (+39m03s)
06h58m11s H2 fly in, fish (+47m30s)
07h07m20s E2 fly in, fish (+56m39s)
07h10m55s B2 fly in, fish, slow feed (+60m14s)

07h56m27s I2 fly in, fish (62m13s)
07h59m31s E2 fly in, fish (46m45s)
08h02m50s H2 fly in, fish (42m50s)
08h07m07s Q2 fly in, fish (+116m26s)
08h12m53 S2 fly in, fish (slow feed, +122m12s)

Parental Attendance:
"Bevill"      00:00:00 00:30:27
"Christie"    00:00:00 00:00:00
"Eleanor"     00:03:21 00:14:39
"Harman"      00:12:30 00:13:10
"Irwin"       00:04:30 00:12:55
"Neville"     00:00:00 00:00:00
"Qawser"      00:00:00 00:07:03
"Stanley"     00:00:00 00:01:17


No Chick:
06h11 DD fish no chick


Probable eggs:

No Eggs:

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Screen Grabs

06h11 DD fish no chick

06h49 I2 fly in, fish (+38m)

06h58 H2 fly in, fish (+47m)

07h07 E2 fly in, fish (+56m)

07h10 B2 fly in, fish, slow feed (+59m)

07h56 I2 fly in, fish (62m)

08h05 E2 fly in, fish (47m)

08h02 H2 fly in, fish (42m)

08h07 Q2 fly in, fish (+116m)

08h12 S2 fly in, fish, slow feed.