26th June 2013, Chick N "Neville" survives.

Chick N was not taken by a Herring Gull it's still alive and breathing this morning. Shelley suggested that I should name the chicks. We decided to call this chick "Neville" after William Neville, brother of King Edward IV, and owner of Lundy 1462-1463.

"Neville" wasn't fed in the two hours that I was at the survey ledge this morning, but there were 6 other feeds. Chicks Q, I, H, C, B and S were all fed this morning. More tomorrow, we're going around the island with Clive Pearson on the Jessica Hettie this afternoon.

The trip around the island on the Jessica Hettie was very successful - Shelley counted 56 puffins on the water.
  • G130626A 06h17m39s - 07h20m12s: 4 feeds
  • G130626B 07h20m47s - 08h23m13s: 2 feeds
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S

(X=no, E=egg, co=incubation change over, e=possible glimpse of egg
1F=one feed, 2F=two feeds, etc., nf=arrived with no fish. h=hatched?
C=chick, ns= arrival not seen.)

06h37m35s Q2 fly in, fish (+19m56s)
06h48m36s I2 fly in, fish (+30m57s)
06h48m56s H2 fly in, fish (+31m17s)
06h58m38s C2 fly in, fish (+40m59s)

07h53m34s B2 fly in, fish (+95m55s)
07h59m16s S2 fly in, fish (+101m37s)

Parental Attendance:
"Bevill"      00:00:00 00:13:02
"Christie"    00:19:01 00:09:11
"Eleanor"     00:00:00 00:00:00
"Harman"      00:14:03 00:00:00
"Irwin"       00:06:24 00:00:00
"Neville"     00:00:00 00:00:00
"Qawser"      00:15:15 00:00:00
"Stanley"     00:00:00 00:10:50


No Chick:


Probable eggs:

No Eggs:

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Screen Grabs

06h37 Q2 fly in, fish (+20m)

06h48 I2 fly in, fish (+31m)

06h48 H2 fly in, fish (+31m)

06h58 C2 fly in, fish (+41m)

07h53 B2 fly in, fish (+96m)

07h59 S2 fly in, fish (+102m)

12h33 Puffin near 3/4 wall

12h38 Puffin near Jenny's Cove