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  • St Philip's Stone 2014
    • Provisioning rates Preliminary provisioning rate of 0.29 feeds per chick hour
      (61 feeds / 214 chick.hours = 1.14 feeds per chick per 4 hours).
    • Parental attendance Mean time that both parents were at nest site was 20.17% (=46h47m21s/232h00m00s). There was only one case of a chick being left unattendended by both parents - on 3rd July "Neolithic" was left for 4m34s after a fight dislodged it's parent from the ledge.
    • Feeding-trip duration 31 timed feeds out of 77 (40.26%). Mean duration of timed feeds = 32m55s, median duration = 23m10s.
    • Chick diet in 2014
    • Productivity In 2014 there were 16 focal sites on my St Philip's Stone survey ledge. There were 15 active sites and one regular site. 12 sites produced chicks that either fledged, or were of fledging age (+15days old) when last seen. This gives a productivity of 75%
  • RttIoP: Common Guillemot (Uria aalge)

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