10th October 2014 No Guillemots on ledges, but 2 flying into Jenny's Cove

Wind SW force 6 blustery, less than 50% cloud, isolated showers out at sea.

7am BST StMa 0
07h05 StPh 0, GrFa 0

07h15 JeCo 0,0,0,0

07h20 glimpse of auk or shag flyinng low over sea, lost due to blustery wind.
      Adult Gannet flying low over sea at distance around 500m to 1000m?
07h25 5 second view of auk flying at edge of Jeny's Cove.
07h27 10 second view of auk flying in to around 200m then out, lost view due to blustery wind.
07h30 2 auks flying into Jenny's Cove, 
      1 of these auks flew 50m from ledges and seemed greyish (Guillemot?)
07h32 2 Guillemots flew into Cove, their paths diverged 50m from ledges and were lost from view.
07h34 2 Guillemots flying in Cove and 1 Great Black-back flying higher above them.
07h37 Adult Gannet flying in Cove.
       Great Black-back on water near raft of seaweed.
07h41 2 adult Gannets flying in Cove.
07h43 Shag flying low over water in Cove.

3 adult Gannets flying in Cove

Pre-breeding attendance

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