14th October 2014 No Guillemots

  • Section F 0
    • F6 (Grand Falls Zawn): 07h35, 0
    • F4 (St Philips Stone): 07h35, 0
    • F12 (St Marks Stone): 07h30, 0
  • Section E (Jenny's Cove) 07h00-07h20BST 0
    • E14, 0
    • E11, 0
    • E9, 0
    • E3, 0
    06h55 JeCo Too dark to see ledges clearly. 100% cloud cover, light NNE wind. 
    The Moon cast a shadow over the start of my walk but now the lightening skies 
    have hidden the Moon. The lights of Milford Haven can be seen without 
    binoculars. which is fortunate as my binoculars are still at home.
    07h00 Ledges still indistinct through my telescope.
    07h05 Ledges slightly clearer. No birds on E14, other ledges are harded to 
    distinguish. My feeling is that the Guillemots may have returned on 11th Oct. 
    Too late to tell now.
    07h10 E14, E11, E9, E3 0,0,0,?
    07h15  0,0,0,0
    07h20 0,0,0,0 1 Shag E9
    07h30 StMa 0
    07h35 StPh 0, GrFa 0
    Later: On MS Oldenburg from Lundy to Ilfracombe
    15h40 Depart Lundy 1 Shag past Surf Point
    16h20 1 Guillemot
    16h24 1 Skua dark-phase (probably Arctic Skua)
    16h27 1 Guillemot
    16h28 1 Gannet (spotted by Shelley)
    16h33 Imm. Gull (Herring?)
    16h55-17h00 ~7 Gannets Rockham Bay/Morte Reef

    Pre-breeding attendance

  • E - Needle Rock to Pyramid (Jenny's Cove)
  • F - Pyramid to St James' Stone

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