5th November 2014 Guillemots on ledges at Jenny's Cove but no count this morning. No Fulmars.

No counts this morning, my main purpose was to test a combination of video camera and telescope. Using a 1300mm focal length telescope should give effective magnification of 200x. Ideally, I would like to use this combination in breeding season to read leg rings. For now, it allows me to record the autumn moult.

Partial record of moulting Guillemots from video grabs

E14G2a (upper) WW/T, W, W/T, W/T, W/T, WW/T, T/BB
E14G2a (lower) W/T, WW/T, T/B (bridled) W, W/TT
E14G2b W/T, W/T, W, W/T (bridled)
E14G2c W, W/T, T, ?, T/B

0 W       4       0
1 WW/T    3       3
2 W/T     8       16
3 W/TT    1       3
4 T       1       4
5 TT/B    0       0
6 T/B     2       12
7 T/BB    1       7
8 B       0       0

  N       20      45    45/20= 2.3 (W/T)

Snow Bunting on main track south of Halfway Wall

Guillemot pre-breeding attendance
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