13th December 2015

08h10 StMa 198

08h20 GrFa 16.159(14).45 = 220
08h25 StPh (24)110.10 = 120

Peregrine calling, E14 disturbed and some flew out during count. 
Most of the departing birds were from higher ledges.
By the end of the first count, G0,G1 were empty, G2 ledges were around half full.
08h40 JeCo E14 1,(4,28,41),(17,7b),24b,16,1,6,30,16,1,0
08h43 E14 0,0,lower,etc
08h45 E11,9,3 121,24,89 = 234
08h50 E14 0,(0,10,12),(13,5),16bb,11,2,9,33,13,0,0
08h55 E14 0,(2,15,22b),(14,7b),19bb,14,2,8,26,16,0,0

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