4th February 2016

  • 706 Guillemots on ledges (survey conducted later in the morning than usual)
  • 1 Razorbill positively identified on the land at Jenny's Cove (E4). This bird still had a white head, but it was too distant to see if moult had started (therefore moult score W or W/T).

09h20 StMa 54
09h25 GrFa 8,(9)110,37
09;30 StPh 17)111,50

09h45 jeco 
e14 7,(5b,21,23),(12,5),9,6,0,4,15,9,2,0,0
E11,9,3 105,25,88

1RZ +id E4 w head with GUs 
fulmars present

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