10th February 2016

  • No Guillemots on ledges

wind nw loud in the night but quieter at dawn. The tail of Imogen
07h50 village-08h00 1/4 wall, rain. Skylark sang briefly as the rain stopped.

Looking west past Pondsbury, two veils of tears.

08h10 1/2 wall-08h20 StMa vp  rain.
08h20 StMa 0
08h25 GrFa,StPh 0,0

08h35 JeCo GU 0; FU 30+; HG ; KW 1a3fw;
big waves evrn though the tide is going out.
The landslide behind Needle Rock from two winters ago looked fresh.

09h00 Peregrine on cheeses

09h20 Pomdsbury:
Teal 4m6f
Mallard 3m4f
Skylark singing

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