22nd March 2016

  • 1986 Guillemots on survey ledges
  • At least 12 Puffins seen.
  • Small Soay lambs with their mothers in Middle Park. Mostly singles but at least two doubles.

Light easterly winds. Sea flat calm

07h15 1+ PU on sea
07h20 StMa 400
07h30 3+ PU on water
Small rafts of auks between StPh and StMa.
Larger raft (200) of mainly RZ just north of StMa.
Rafts of 200 auks seen near St James' Stone due to sea conditions.

07h45 GrFa 36r2.(16)216r6.76
07h50 StPh (31)273r60.180r60
07h55 2 PU on land F3

Jeco wheel of 50 RZ,1PU
08h25 pu, 9 on land E8/9
08h30 E14 (26,28),(12b,38b,41b),(12,16,12b),23b,18,7,10,35,11,2,19
08h35 e11,9,3 316r40,23,156
08h40 PU E8/9 3, E4 1

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