19th October 2016

Waning gibbous moon, peers through almost total cloud cover.
North-westerly wind, beaufort 4 or 5.
Jenny's Cove too dark to see if there are any Guillemots on the lighter ledges.

07h05 possible birds at E14, 
one possibly flying in to E14G1. 2 possible on E14G2a
07h08 gutteral call heard

07h10 maybe 5 birds on 'G2a, 1+ at 'G1

07h15 Guillemots at e14, e11, e9 and e3

07h20 E14+ 0,7,(8,1,1,0),1,unseen
E11,9,3 10+,8+,8+

07h35 F12 StMa 48, 
StPh 1+

07h45 F6 GrFa 0,2,11
F4 StPh 0

e14 0,(10,14),(9,8),12,4,1,2,11*,1,0,
* one bird T/B
08h05 e11,9,3 25,12,0(~25 at 08h00)

e14 most birds W, some W/T, one T/B

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