Return to the Isle of Puffins
Diel vertical migration

  • Regular, P.M., Davoren, G.K., Hedd, A. & Montevecchi, W.A. (2010) "Crepuscular foraging by a pursuit-diving seabird: tactics of common murres in response to the diel vertical migration of capelin" Mar Ecol Prog Ser 415:295-304


  • Wikipedia - Diel Vertical Migration, also known as diurnal vertical migration, is a pattern of movement used by some organisms, such as Copepods, living in the ocean and in lakes. The migration occurs when organisms move up to the epipelagic zone at night and return to the mesopelagic zone of the oceans or to the hypolimnion zone of lakes during the day. The word diel comes from the Latin dies day, and means a 24-hour period. It is referred to as the greatest migration in the world in terms of biomass.