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Jupiter and moons
These are some images that I've obtained using a telescope without a motor drive. The telescope is an 102mm MakCas with an undriven EQ2 mount.
  • j050511am.jpg 320x240 Ganymede Callisto Io Jupiter Europa
  • j050511b.jpg" 200x150 Jupiter
  • j050511c.jpg" 200x150 Jupiter
  • j050511d.jpg" 200x150 Jupiter
  • j5.jpg 320x240 Jupiter Io Callisto Ganymede. The above images processed using RegiStax v3
  • j7.jpg 400x300 Jupiter Io Callisto Ganymede
  • j4b.jpg 320x240 Europa Jupiter Io Callisto Ganymede

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Jupiter and moons
Jupiter and moons
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Jupiter and 4 moons Jupiter & Ganymede 17/5/05
Jupiter & Ganymede 2x processed 17/5/05
Jupiter & Ganymede 2x overprocessed 17/5/05

Created 24/5/05
Last Modified 26/5/05