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Alan D. Sokal


He seems to be against (or at least hinder) constructive communication between sciences and cultural theories. Does he suppose that there is a single perfect language that explain, describe, or predict everything? 'Species' and 'population' have at least different three meanings in different sciences, in thermodynamics, in statistics, and in biology. They may come from a similar root (perhaps from natural philosophy to statistics to thermodynamics and from to statistics to biology) but they have different nuances and usage in each discipline. 'Species' has at least three different definitions in biology alone (Mayr 1970).

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Sokal, A.D. (1996) "Transgressing the boundaries: toward a transformative hermeneutics of quantum gravity", Social Text, 46/47, Vol. 14, pp.217-252

Created 20/2/99
Modified 23/2/99