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Tia DeNora

A bit with some relevance to infinities:

Biddlecombe's point about the inadequacy of McClary's semiotics is echoed by Tia DeNora in Contemporary Sociology. DeNora focuses on McClary's insistence on the signifying character of music rather than the feminist direction of this insistence. She praises the book, but notes that its theory of signification misses several crucial and related elements: it fails to account for differences amongst listeners and it assumes the universality and singularity of the system of musical coding. DeNora points out that not only are coding and decoding systems finite and multiple, they also can overlap, with a single musical sign having several, potentially contradictory, meanings. Furthermore, she is not satisfied with McClary's account of how musical codes are learned. However, DeNora's disciplinary bias shows when she suggests that McClary could improve her future work by engaging with interactionist approaches, in other words: this is a really good book, if only it was more like sociology (117).

  • Feminism and Musicology: The Reception of Susan McClary's Feminine Endings
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    Created 25/2/99
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