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Eco, U. (1993) "Ricerca della lingua perfetta nella cultura europea", Laterza, Rome. trans. Fentress, J. (1995) "The search for the perfect language", Blackwell, Oxford

Semiotic (structural linguistic) account of philosophical searches for a perfect language. The conclusion is (perhaps) that, through hyper-complexity, no single language structure can finitely describe the universe. Instead we should look at the poly-linguistic aspects of natural languages.

1. From Adam to Confusio Linguarum

2. The Kabbalistic Pansemioticism

3. The Perfect Language of Dante

4. The Ars Magna of Raymond Lull

5. The Monogenetic Hypothesis and the Mother Tongues

6. Kabbalism and Lullism in Modern Culture

7. The Prefect Language of Images

8. Magic Language

9. Polygraphies 10. A Priori Philosophical Languages 11. George Dalgarno

12. John Wilkins

13. Francis Lodwick

14. From Leibniz to the Encyclopedie

15. Philosophic Language from the Enlightenment to Today 16. International Auxiliary Languages 17. Conclusion
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Created 26/9/98
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