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McGlade, J.M. (1993) "Governance of fisheries and aquaculture", Final report, contract FAR MA 3. 757, DGXIV European Union.

I.4.5 Analytical Framework

To be able to assess the effectivemess of the existing governance of a system involving common pool resources we have developed a set of decision-making tools. The first component involves the use of the general framework given below to describe the system of concern. It is designed to document and help understand the types of fisheries resources management and indigenous knowledge of natural resources that exist in each area [5],[56]. Because, whether formally endorsed by government or not, whether easily observable or not, most communities have some form of resource management.
This framework is based on a series of questions and analyses designed to examine the relative importance of biophysical complexity and socio-cultural and institutional structures in governance. The three aspects of the problem are: how is successful governance achieved and measured?, how complex are the issues?, and what tools are available for dealing with the issue?

Governance objectives

Conflict resolution


Economic and social well-being


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