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Dowland, J. (1597.7) "Dear, if you change", in Dowland (1597)

Dear, if you change, I'll never choose again.
Sweet, if you shrink, I'll never think of love.
Fair, if you fail, I'll judge all beauty vain.
Wise, if too weak, more wits I'll never prove.
Dear, Sweet, Fair, Wise, change, shrink, nor be not weak:
And on my faith, my faith shall never break.

Earth with her flow'rs shall sooner heav'n adorn,
Heav'n her bright stars through earth dim globe shall move,
Fire heat shall lose, and frosts of flame be born,
Air made to shine as black a hell shall prove:
Earth, Heaven, Fire, Air, the world transform'd shall view,
Ere I prove false to faith, or strange to you.

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Created 29/9/98
Last modified 26/3/00