Sociological approaches to ecological uncertainty (version 2)
Links between formalism in mathematics and linguistics - personal ability

My main strength in this area is in computer programming. Computer languages (to the extent to which they can be converted into Turing Machines) are good examples of formal languages. I have been programming computers since 1980 and have experience of using the following languages: Basic (various versions), 6502 assembly language, Z80 machine code, Fortran, C++.

My mathematical abilities are centred around differential geometry and non-linear systems. Although I have not studied the notation of axiomatic set theory, I have a good ability to pick up new forms of notation when moving between mathematial disciplines.

Intending reading:

John Casti & Anders Karlqvist, eds. (1996) 'Boundaries and Barriers'
K. Podnieks, 'Around the Goedel's theorem'
Roland Barthes, 'Myth Today'
Umberto Eco (1976) 'A Theory of Semiotics'

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Written 3/5/99
Created 30/5/99