What are the meanings of calcium in physiology?
Reflexive meaning: Ulrich Beck

Ulrich Beck's 'Risk Society' (1986:1992) analyses the consequences of a society changing itself. Along with Habermas, Beck comes from a tradition of Critical Theory that found itself swallowed by it's own creation (Marx is alleged to have said that he was not a Marxist). This has led to an analysis of problems of this type in general. 'Risk Society' principally deals with the problems of capitalism acting on a capitalist society (rather that capitalism acting on a pre-industrialist society). Beck calls this process Reflexive Modernisation. In consequence, the problems of present societies are not just concerned with wealth production but also with risk production. As I mentioned earlier reflexivity is a chief source of ecological uncertainty. Mathematical models of this process are poorly defined at present. Beck's ideas may help to construct new models.

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Created 30/5/99
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