Human ecology
Psychology of learning mathematics
PLM - Notes - 4/1/00

Assignment 5000-6000 words
  1. well focused title
  2. introduction
  3. review of key concept
  4. account of investigation + methodology
  5. concise conclusion, relate findings to aims and literature
  6. references (italic/bold)
  7. essential additional material
Possible assignment.
Investigate mathematics ability/attitudes/beliefs of biology students.
Justification - the informative dialogue between biology and mathematics that has recently grown up.

What is viewed as mathematics? (Ernest, 2000, p.100 - paraphrase "Maths is what you do in a maths class"? Other maths may not be recognised as such.)
Further reading - Kouba & McDonald 1987, 1991 -

Possible correlation between +ve attitude and convergent thinking?

Is the convergent / divergent distinction similar to the dualist / non-dualist distinction in Ernest (2000, pp.97-98)?

Possible tests:

Contact biology dept.
Do they run mathematics lectures for their students.
Test group - Undergrads. or postgrads?
Size of group - qualitative vs. quantitative test & statistical significance

Attitude test - minimal?
Convergent / divergent - examples in mathematics?
Attainment in exams - background questionaire?

Dualist / non-dualist test in Carré & Ernest (1993)

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