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PLM - Notes - 1/2/00

notes 1/2/00

Library of North Devon District Hospital

Convergence & Divergence

Laura E. Beck (1991) "Child Development" 2nd ed., Allyn & Bacon, Boston

p.337-8 tests

"Among the general population of children, IQ and divergent thinking show only a low positive correlation (Kogan, 1983; Torrance 1976)"

"Comparisons of identical and fraternal twins reveal that genetic influences on divergent thinking are extremely weak (Pezzullo, Thorson, & Madaus (1972) American Educational Research Journal, 9, pp.539-546)"

Peter K. Smith & Helen Cowie (1991) "Understanding children's development", Blackwell, Oxford

Also quotes Guilford, Torrance (1972), and gives the page of circles test for divergent thinking.

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